This colorful, company name, pictorial Navajo rug was woven by my Navajo
friend and weaving teacher Roy Kady of Teec Nos Pos, Arizona
(  Roy's logo which is a "Dinetah" (Navajo Homeland)
-sourced pictograph is woven into the upper right weaving comb.  A thin,
indigo blue Weaver's Pathway (Spirit Line) is just below it emerging from the
field of the rug into "outer space", allowing Roy's inspired artistry to
continue to freely manifest in his subsequent weavings.
Roy brought it by our Cortez, Colorado ranch "LODGE IN SPACE" a day before
the Summer Solstice in June, 2002.  The 2 hand spun, natural Churro brown
yarns were obtained from the award-winning, Churro sheep rancher Barbara
Murray of southern California.  Blues and greens are various white and yellow
yarns I dyed with indigo.  Several different ones are found in the rug.  The
white is a natural beige Churro yarn. Red and pink are cochineal-dyed yarns
obtained from La Lana Wools of Taos, New Mexico.


  Out There

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